15hr Restorative Yoga with Massage $450 6-8 September 2019

Develop a deep understanding of the power of touch through this Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday training. It is open to current yoga teachers or anyone interested in techniques to use in their profession or at home.

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15hr Restorative Yin Poses and Props $450 20-22 September 2019

Restorative Yin training held again on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday includes how to use a range of poses beyond those learned in the Restorative Yoga with Massage training. It covers how to use props for each pose and guides you on sequencing themes.

350hr Yoga Teacher Training $6000 (Application Form) Beginning Feb 2020

A registered course with Yoga Australia, teacher training with Liberty Yoga teaches you how to teach, not just instruct. You will learn how to develop your classes with a sense of immense purpose and speak with an authentic voice steeped in clear knowledge and thorough preparation. We take at least ten months to let the learning marinate and become part of who you wish to become as a teacher.

Based in functional anatomy, the course covers vinyasa, yin, restorative and therapy styles of leading classes. We work out how best to sequence poses to fit your purpose and get anchored in speaking the cues so that students know what they’re doing. Time is given to creating your own website and marketing material, with photoshoots part of the training so you have fresh images for your socials and branding needs. Everything is wrapped up in a final class assessment that showcases how you will implement the course content.

Liberty Yoga trained teachers are confident in what they share and create classes with heart. While based with certain cues and methods, trainees are encouraged to speak with their own voice and be leaders who represent connection to self being within the community they work in.

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Canggu November - Gaelle hosts a week of Peace, Vibes and Yoga in Canggu Bali. Bungalows are per person or shared, food is incredible and fresh, the yoga is at local studios running incredible classes and we enjoy an excursion to Ubud and some sweet, sweet shopping. All in, this week costs about $2000, depending on your flight and how much you like to spend. The dates are for the 3rd week of November.

Trainings are booked online prior to your attendance. The 350hr course is paid in consultation with Gaelle.

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