Liberty Yoga at The Beehive Society timetable below

Gaelle also teaches at Fernwood Albury - Tue 10.15am, Thu 6.15pm, Fri 10.30am & 11.30am

The Flow Connection

A class that integrates your breath with movement. Here we focus on the breath to instigate movement into shapes, poses or asanas. You have the opportunity to feel into your body to lead you safely and effectively towards a fabulous connection with yourself

The Calm Combination

Get your groove on for a bit, then slow down completely and enjoy the beauty of hugging around the bolster while being in a long held pose. This class has a longer than usual savasana so you can totally snooze if you want to

Restorative Yoga with Massage (specialised experiences and training)

This class takes you beyond the need for strength and structure to the release of deeply held tension so that the body can restore itself towards ease, calm and the balance of your being. Massage techniques are applied to your body in this specialised class, bringing you to a deep relaxation rarely found in your regular day


A soothing meditation where the vibrating energy of sound permeates to the very deep parts of your being in a gentle and calming way. Tibetan bowls, vocal mantras, medicine drum beats, french chimes and multi-stringed monochord strums, come together to nourish your system with magic

All classes and workshops are booked online prior to your attendance